CHKids is our Children’s Ministry here at Chilhowee Hills Baptist Church.  CHKids is for any child Kindergarten through the 6th grade.  The teams of leaders who passionately serve in this ministry are uniquely diverse and gifted in many different ways.  But all are passionate about Jesus Christ and teaching our Children the Truths of God’s Word.  Our desire is not for our children just to grow up to be anything they want to be, but grow up to be everything God wants them to be.

CHKids consists of the following:  Bible Fellowship classes (often referred to as Sunday School) for grades K-6; Kid’s Church for grades K-2; and Wednesday night EKG (Equipping Kids for God) for grades K-6.

If you need information on CHKids you can call 865-522-2422 and ask for our Children’s Director, Wendy Johnston or email

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